“Veni, Vidi, Vici”!! SABATON has just conquered Japan at LOUD PARK 2015!! Definitely, best act of the festival, Pär Sundström of SABATON talks about Japan, past, and future of the band!

Q1: Hi, Par! Thanks a lot for giving us this great opportunity!! Sabaton really knocked us out at Loud Park 2015!! Lots of Japanese Metal fans choose you as best act of Loud Park. Please let me know your impression about Japan, Japanese Metal fans, and Loud Park.

Pär: We are very impressed by all of Japan. Of course the fans who are very loyal but also we are impressed by Japan as a country. We had a fantastic time even if the jetlag made sure we slept early in the evenings and sadly missed all of Tokyos nightlife. Next time!

Q2: The tank was on stage!! Tank!! We couldn’t believe that. haha. Joakim’s vest, What a nice !! All members wore same military pants. These army like stage effects reminds us WWⅠ, WWⅡ. What made you so? And what is past world war to you?

Pär: Actually we sing about history. And to fit into our own theme a bit more we take some theatrer effects onto the stage. It becomes more intense and exciting to have the stage a part of the show.
Of course Sabaton does not need to hide behind tanks and stagesets but its a nice addon to a show.

Q3: This is first interveiw with you, so could you tell us about the band? How did Sabaton start? And what’s the meaning of your band name Sabaton?

Pär: Well, its a long story. Lots of people in Japan I guess have recently discovered Sabaton and thinks its a new band. But we have been going on for 16 years and today the band is headlining some of the biggest festivals in Europe and has several gold and platinum awards for sales.
The band was formed in 1999 in Falun, Sweden. Since we signed to a small local label the first 10 years we had to do all ourselves. This has led to that we are now a well functioning band that does not even need a management on this level. We are self managed. Even though the original lineup was intact for 13 years we had finally a break in the band in 2012. Since some of us wanted to work even harder and some wanted to step down a bit.
Sabaton is a very hard touring band. I have been on the road for 300 days in 12 months.

Q4: So, your latest release “Heroes” is definitely your masterpiece. Especially, I was really impressed by “Inmate 4859” That is the song about Witold Pilecki, hero of Poland. Also from the title of the album, I felt you focused on kind of “Heroism” at the “Heroes”. How about that?

Pär: We focused the album on people who went beyond the call of duty and did something that put them into great harms way to make it short and simple. It was a perfect theme for Sabaton we thought.
The song Inmate 4859 was actually the first story we started with, it became the leading star when writing the album.

Q5: “Ballad of the Bull” is really beautiful and emotional song. I really love the song because it shows your melodic aspect deeply. But lot’s of fans surprised at your ballad. What made you record this kind of song?

Pär: Sabatons music is very wide spread. There are trashmetal songs, ballads and all kinds of technical stuff. So for us we are not bound to any limitations when writing a song. This song we had no idea on how to proceed when we first wrote it so we took help of some old friends who had the whole idea of the arrangement.

Q6: At 2012, four original members left the band. And “Heroes” is the first album with new lineup. What’s the difference between these two lineups?

Pär: Indeed. After 13 years with original lineup 4 bandmembers decided to quit. I simply said we have to tour more and work harder. And some were not willing to do that due to different reasons which I totally understand and support. No hard feelings but me and Joakim went on with Sabaton and they formed Civil War which is their band today.

Q7: Anyway, “Primo Victoria” was played at Loudpark, off course. Melody and lyric of the song is loved much by your fans and it’s like Anthem of Sabaton. Looking back now, what’s “Primo Victoria” to you?

Pär: Primo Victoria means the first victory and I guess it sums up what it means. The song gave us our first real record deal and thats where it all began!

Q8: So, what’s the next? Do you have a plan to next release? I’d love to hear “Sabaton at Loud Park”, haha.

Pär: We plan a live release for the winter and currently writing songs for a new album which we plan to release in the summer.






We are looking forward to Come back to Japan!! Sorry it took 16 years for us to come. We promise we come back quicker next time! Actually the show at Loud Park was over our expectations and I am already looking into ways to coming back soon!!


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